ESL job interview question: How do you prepare your students for exams?

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I usually go over the basics in the review class. I review when, where and for how long the exam will be held. I remind students of the basic exam rules, i.e. student ID on desk, mobile phone turned off and stored away. I also allow time for questions. I try to answer them as honestly as possible but I know when to stop because there are always the students who push me for the answers, the students who ask me to go easy on their exams because they badly need a good grade. In general, I try to keep the mood light because students are always nervous before exams. 

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ESL job interview question: How do you teach table etiquette?

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I develop the following basic table etiquette skills:
  • Elbows off the table – show young people how to sit with their hands on their lap while waiting for a meal to be served.
  • Napkin bibs are not required - most of the time, tucking a napkin into their shirt isn’t appropriate. Show them how to place their napkin on their lap when they sit down.
  • Be hospitable – it is best to serve others, particularly guests, at the table before serving themselves.
  • Remind to use the magic words please and thank you.
  • Toilet talk is not table talk. I teach my students relevant conversations while at the table and during this session practice possible conversation topics with my students.

Also, I give my students a helpful reminder – to avoid burping at the table. Also, I make sure students know that they need to practice taking small bites, waiting to swallow before talking, and using their cutlery at all times correctly.


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ESL job interview question: Are you a team player?

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Yes, I was involved in ... (describe briefly and clearly), e.g. ..............

I worked on the following team projects...................... (explain briefly). 

My role was both as a member and as a team leader (explain briefly)............

You should prepare to give at least two examples. 

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