USA Jobs

Teacher Jobs 
You can upload your resume (also other application documents) and schools will contact you to offer a job.

Teaching jobs and administrative school positions. Upload your resume and they will find you.

Education Week's career community
Premium career resources are provided for K12 teachers. Connects recruiters with candidates.

Teach for America 
Advertises job openings in schools and colleges. In addition, it provides useful information about various fields of education.

Website for Teachers
Excellent career resources; free for teachers and administrators looking for jobs in education. 

Website of the US Federal Government
It is an excellent source for those job seekers who want to find jobs in government schools.

USA Job Bank
An effective site for both employers and employees; modern job search tools are provided.

Career Jet Job Search Engine
It is designed to make the process of finding a job on the Internet easier for any job seeker.

Resources for Job Seekers Who Reside in the United States
Advertises thousands of jobs in various parts of the United States. Lots of government jobs!

Display Your Resume to Thousands of Recruiters
Free web address to display your resume is provided. If you are a recruiter you can advertise your vacancies for free and reach thousands of job seekers.

The Largest Online Directory of Employment Websites
You can find a job in your area by searching extensive job postings that are manually reviewed. Free job posting. Lots of useful links.

You will quickly find information and employment opportunities specifically related to the education industry; easy-to-use interface.

Monster United States
Search hundreds of jobs all over America. In addition, you will find overseas jobs. You can choose to search jobs either by title, location, company name, skill or industry.

Career Link
Create your profile and your potential employers will find you. Also, you can browse jobs by category, employer, career, or by career fairs. 

Career Jet
Thousands of websites are scanned daily by its search engines. Career Jet uses smart agents running on a cluster of networked computers that scan the web and identify job listings on the internet.

America's Job Exchange
Submit your resume and let employers find you. Hundreds of jobs in all states are advertised.

Job Placement USA 
Create your personalized resume using an automated system and employers will find you.

Job Interview Questions with Answers

Job interview question: 
What are your classroom rules? 

Job interview question: 
How do you know how long to spend on your objectives?

Job interview question: 
What are the most important issues facing your profession today?

Job interview question: 
Describe yourself as a teacher in three negative adjectives.

Job interview question: 
What types of teachers do you know?

Job interview question: 
What are the signs of a poor teacher?

ESL job interview question: 
What can you tell us about Hot Potatoes?

More job interview questions-answers (more than 100).