How can parents find out that the teacher does not teach well? / What are the signs of a poor teacher?


Here are 10 most alarming symptoms indicating that there is most probably a problem with the teacher: 
  1. The student constantly complains that the teacher frequently singles him or her out with off-putting remarks. 
  2. The teacher is the last one to appear in school in the morning and is the first to leave school in the afternoon. 
  3. The teacher does not respond to communication, i.e. does not return telephone calls and/or does not reply to e-mail messages.
  4. The student hardly ever brings assignments home from school. 
  5. Homework and classroom assignments are not returned to students. 
  6. The teacher does not send home regular reports to parents. 
  7. The teacher rejects any input from parents.
  8. The teacher demonstrates limited knowledge of the course he or she is teaching. 
  9. Classes are not organized and not planned properly. 
  10. The teacher always complains that 'the students are not good'.

How do you handle noisy class?


If students are noisy in the classroom they cannot learn effectively and they will get tired very soon. It is the teacher’s duty to control noise level in the classroom.

As a teacher, I never try to talk over noise or yell at my students. On the contrary, in such cases I low down my voice - this enables me to focus my students’ attention and they start listening. I know that if I speak quietly, my students will follow my lead. If I shout, they will considerably increase the noise level in the classroom because they will see this as my permission for them to yell as well.

As a matter of fact, I never permit noise to get out of control in my classroom. In some rare cases, if students are very loud, I have to take excessive measures to make them quiet. My experience showed that it is easier if I start to control noise level as soon as begin my class.

I believe that it is important to be consistent in enforcing the noise levels in the classroom: students should always know what they can expect from their teacher. Every teacher should set his or her rational restrictions and abide by them if they want their students to deliberately learn how to manage their own noise effectively and to avoid conflicts.

Job interview question: 
What are your classroom rules? 

Job interview question:
What is your classroom discipline philosophy?

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What are the most important issues facing your profession today?

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Describe a passionate teacher

Recommended answer:

A passionate teacher is also a successful teacher who is loved by his or her students. Such a teacher has a passion for teaching and learning and shares his or her knowledge and experience with students. A passionate teacher energizes his or her teaching by implementing task-based method of teaching and uses the material that is not only interesting but also true-to-life and practical. A passionate teacher prepares for lessons regularly, diligently and inspires students not only to learn but also to create new things. In addition, a passionate teacher actively participates in students' extra-curricular activities.

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How can you contribute to our school?

I can contribute in the fields of teaching, research, education, management and community service.

In the field of teaching, I can create new courses, establish student clubs or societies, such as public speaking and/or extensive reading societies.

In the field of research, I can participate in seminars, conferences and symposiums, write research papers in the field of applied linguistics. I can also supervise students' research projects.

Education to me means teaching English through knowledge about life. I select culturally appropriate learning materials. These materials promote academic values and enable students to study not only for their higher grades but also for life. 

Teaching is also related to management and planning. It is the management of the whole teaching process, from syllabus design to various procedures of final examinations, assessment and course evaluation. We also need to teach students how to study effectively by managing their time.

Community service is another duty of a teacher. I can teach workplace communication skills to company staff, train teachers and parents. In addition, as an English teacher, I can perform editing, revising, proofreading and correcting errors in documents at different institutions.

How do you teach speaking?

Recommended answer:

Teaching speaking is an important part of English learning. It is important to develop two types of speaking skills, face-to-face communication and public presentation skills. A combination of the following speaking activities can develop basic interactive skills:

1. Group discussions. Students agree or disagree on certain issues. They present their opinions to the class, explain and evaluate critically various ideas and opinions. 

2. Role play. Students pretend they are in various situations, such as doctor, lawyer, waitress, etc. 

3. Simulations. Students bring their own things, such as clothes, to the class and create a true to life surroundings. For instance, if a student is acting as a pop singer, he brings the basic items, such as clothes and a microphone.

4. Working in pairs. Students discuss a certain problem. Later, they present it to the class.

5. Reporting. Students read a newspaper article and discuss it.

6. Story telling. Students tell weird stories they heard from somebody.

7. Describing pictures. Students discuss a picture in small groups. A representative of each group speaks to the whole class.

All these activities will make students confident speakers. 

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What types of teachers do you know?

Recommended answer:

There are three types of teachers: average, good and excellent. Average teachers teach the stuff. They tell their students many useful things and spread knowledge. They provide their students with useful information. In fact they are more trainers than teachers. Good teachers motivate their students and can explain in a simple and clear way even the most difficult subject. Excellent teachers do all the above. In addition, they teach their students how to study and they inspire their students. They deeply impact their students’ lives and direct the course of their future.

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Do we have to know much about technology to use Moodle?

Recommended answer:

It is very simple to use Moodle. We only need to possess the basic internet browsing skills. It is easy to install Moodle into any computer because all step-by-step guidance is provided. We do not have to know much about technology to use Moodle.

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