What do you know about metacognitive strategy?

Recommended answer:

Meta-cognitive strategy is a learning strategy that involves thinking about or knowledge of the learning process, planning for learning, monitoring learning while it is taking place, or self-evaluation of learning after the task has been completed.

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Why did you decide to work in our school?

Recommended answer:

If you want to answer this question correctly, you should find more information about the school. Study their website. Get some reliable information from your colleagues and friends. Conduct some research regarding their goals and objectives; achievements and failures; strengths and weaknesses in the following fields: teaching methodologies, infrastructure, sports, community service, etc. Tell what you like about the school and the reason why you want to work in it (challenging position, close to your home, friendly staff, etc.).

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Difficult ESL job interview question: There are many powerful tools for learning a foreign language. One of them is mnemonic device. Can you explain how it is used in learning English?

Recommended answer:

A mnemonic device is a word or a phrase that is used as an aid to memory. Learners form a native-language homophone (the key word) for the target word in the second language. Then the  learner imagines a scene in which the homophone and the referent object of the target word are interacting in some manner. Memory retrieval of the meaning of the target word consists of recalling the homophone, then recalling the imagined scene in which the homophone and the referent object are interacting. It is easier to remember meaningful information than random data. Words and idioms in English are not random data. They follow certain rules, yet they can seem as arbitrary data to an ESL learner who is unfamiliar with the English language system. Learn more…

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What types of learning can be tested using objective tests?

Recommended answer:

According to the Bloom's Taxonomy table, all six types of learning can be tested by using objective test questions: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Why is there a gap in your work history?

Recommended answers:

You should explain why there is a gap in your work history.

Answer 1

I stayed at home with my children. I had to look after them. Now they can take care of themselves, and I can work again.

Answer 2

I did some volunteer work ... (please specify).

Answer 3

I decided to have a break and to attend a course in... (please specify).

Answer 4

List all activities that you did during the period of unemployment. Explain why this time was useful to you and your family.

In any case, you should let the interviewer know that you spent the time off productively - performing meaningful activities.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a teacher?


  • prepare lessons, assignments and assessment
  • identify the needs of individual students 
  • mark homework, class assignments and exams (conduct formal and informal assessment)
  • assist students in learning and teach students not only what to study but also how to study
  • conduct open discussions with students
  • attend professional development courses, workshops, seminars and conferences
  • design learning materials and curriculum
  • maintain friendly relationships with colleagues
  • be patient with students, respect students and their mistakes and teach students to treat others with respect
  • identify students' emotional and intellectual problems
  • conduct interviews with parents
  • perform other duties as requested by the school administrators.

Have you ever had a conflict with another teacher and how was the conflict resolved?

Recommended answer

There have been situations in my career where there were disagreements that needed to be resolved. The conflicts occurred because I failed to take a close look at both sides of the situation at the very beginning. Finally, I worked with the person and reached a compromise [give an example].

There were cases when I had to submit to a person's decision because he was my superior and I had to fulfill the conditions of my contract. For example... [give an example].