ESL job interview question: If I walked into your classroom on a typical afternoon, what would I see going on?

Recommended Answer 1:

You would be greeted by an eager group of students who enjoy practicing social interactions with a variety of visitors to the classroom. One or two students would be seated with me at the group table, working on an academic task. Other students would be independently navigating their environments according to their picture schedules, completing independent work stations to reinforce academic, leisure, vocational, and life skills concepts.

Recommended Answer 2:

Several students would be engaged in independent learning centres designed to reinforce academic and vocational skills. This would leave me free to work one-on-one or in small groups with students at the group table. You would probably get a chorus of "hello"s and "how are you"s from a class of students eager to practice social interaction. It's likely that a few of us would be engaged in activities that, on first glance, look mysterious -- exchanging paper slices of pizza, for example, or matching labels to cereal boxes. Many of our classroom activities are designed to teach vocational skills for the future.

Recommended Answer 3:

You would see a bright classroom where the students are actively engaged in cooperative groups, using manipulative, as I monitor and listen in on conversations about what the students are learning. Posted around the room is the schedule, student work, helpful posters, and on the back wall I have strategies I need to work more on, the schedule so I can manage the time better.

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