ESL job interview question: Tell us about your discipline philosophy

Recommended answer:

Students in my classroom earn access to reinforcement by engaging in appropriate behavior and completing work tasks as requested. In practice, this might take the form of a set number of tokens a student must earn before being rewarded, or of a behavior contract a student must abide by to gain access to reinforcement. When a student fails to behave appropriately or to complete the tasks assigned her, she is unable to earn these rewards.

If a student engages in inappropriate behavior that is designed to meet a legitimate need, I teach a more acceptable replacement for that behavior. For example, if a student screams because she is frustrated and needs help with an academic task, I might teach her to say or sign "help" or to hand me a card with the word "help" written on it instead of screaming. When she requests help appropriately instead of screaming, I immediately reward this behavior by providing the requested help. If by requesting help appropriately, the student has also met the requirements of her behavior contract or token system, this enables her to access a tangible reward in addition to receiving the requested help. 

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