ESL job interview question: What do you know about Claire Kramsch?

Recommended answer:

Claire Kramsch is Professor of German and Foreign Language Acquisition in the German Department and in the School of Education. She is, in addition, Director of the Berkeley Language Center, a research and development unit for all foreign language teachers on campus. She teaches courses in foreign language pedagogy, discourse analysis, second language acquisition and foreign language literacy. Her area of research is applied linguistics, with emphasis on pragmatic, aesthetic and hermeneutic approaches to language study. She also directs Ph.D. dissertations in these areas both in the School of Education and in the German Department. 
Her major publications include Discourse Analysis and Second Language Teaching; Interaction et discours dans la classe de langue; Reden, Mitreden, Dazwischenreden: Managing Conversations in German; Foreign Language Research in Cross-Cultural Perspective; Text and Context: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Language Study; Context and Culture in Language Teaching; Language and Culture; Language acquisition and language socialization - Ecological perspectives. Her many articles have appeared in Studies in Second Language Acquisition, The Modern Language Journal, Die Unterrichtspraxis, The Canadian Modern Language Review, Profession, The ADFL Bulletin, PMLA, The Journal of Sociolinguistics, Language Culture and Curriculum.

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