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How to Write an Academic Research Paper 

Before we start discussing how to write an academic research paper, let us stop on a question: What to start with? Start with the most important information. Many students start with the secondary things, accelerate too long, hang a leg, etc. (still, at least they START writing). We advise that you should start with the Main Body of your academic research paper. The introduction and conclusion will be done furthermore.

The reader is usually get bored by a constant ENUMERATION of names, countries, cities, forests, seas, fields, lakes, rivers, etc. – we can enumerate ad infinitum, but the size of the given article does not allow to do it. That is why, let us pass over to the next mistake frequently occurred in academic research papers: MALUSAGE OF QUOTATIONS. Actually, it is better to use your own words in your academic research paper.

Avoid ODD COMPARISONS in your academic research paper. Cute but odd comparison is like brilliant beads on a chest of a verrucate frog.
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What is Ethics in Research and Why is it Important?

by David B. Resnik, J.D., Ph.D.

When most people think of ethics (or morals), they think of rules for distinguishing between right and wrong, such as the Golden Rule ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"), a code of professional conduct like the Hippocratic Oath ("First of all, do no harm"), a religious creed like the Ten Commandments ("Thou Shalt not kill..."), or a wise aphorisms like the sayings of Confucius. This is the most common way of defining "ethics": norms for conduct that distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Most people learn ethical norms at home, at school, in church, or in other social settings. Although most people acquire their sense of right and wrong during childhood, moral development occurs throughout life and human beings pass through different stages of growth as they mature. Ethical norms are so ubiquitous that one might be tempted to regard them as simple commonsense. On the other hand, if morality were nothing more than commonsense, then why are there so many ethical disputes and issues in our society?

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