ESL job interview question: How do you know how long to spend on your objectives?

Recommended answer:

That depends on the students. At the beginning, we do a KWL (Know, Want, Learn) chart to find out what students already know so we can just touch on those concepts and get into more depth of the things they do not know. A KWL chart, or KWL table, is a graphical organizer designed to help in learning. The letters KWL are an acronym for "what we know", what we want to know, and "what we learned". A KWL table is typically divided into three columns titled Know, Want and Learned. The table comes in various different forms as some have modified it to include or exclude information. It may be useful in research projects and to organize information to help study for tests.
Here is what the KWL chart can look like:
What students know  
What students want to know
What students learned
Students write about what they know in this space 
Students write about what they already know in this space
After the completion of the unit, write what the students learned in this space

A KWL chart can be used to drive instruction in the classroom. The teacher can create lesson plans based upon the interests and inquiries of the students and their needs. Using this strategy can increase motivation and attention by activating the students' prior knowledge. This allows the teacher to understand the students' prior knowledge and their interest in the topic.