How do you teach speaking?

Recommended answer:

Teaching speaking is an important part of English learning. It is important to develop two types of speaking skills, face-to-face communication and public presentation skills. A combination of the following speaking activities can develop basic interactive skills:

1. Group discussions. Students agree or disagree on certain issues. They present their opinions to the class, explain and evaluate critically various ideas and opinions. 

2. Role play. Students pretend they are in various situations, such as doctor, lawyer, waitress, etc. 

3. Simulations. Students bring their own things, such as clothes, to the class and create a true to life surroundings. For instance, if a student is acting as a pop singer, he brings the basic items, such as clothes and a microphone.

4. Working in pairs. Students discuss a certain problem. Later, they present it to the class.

5. Reporting. Students read a newspaper article and discuss it.

6. Story telling. Students tell weird stories they heard from somebody.

7. Describing pictures. Students discuss a picture in small groups. A representative of each group speaks to the whole class.

All these activities will make students confident speakers. 

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