How can you contribute to our school?

I can contribute in the fields of teaching, research, education, management and community service.

In the field of teaching, I can create new courses, establish student clubs or societies, such as public speaking and/or extensive reading societies.

In the field of research, I can participate in seminars, conferences and symposiums, write research papers in the field of applied linguistics. I can also supervise students' research projects.

Education to me means teaching English through knowledge about life. I select culturally appropriate learning materials. These materials promote academic values and enable students to study not only for their higher grades but also for life. 

Teaching is also related to management and planning. It is the management of the whole teaching process, from syllabus design to various procedures of final examinations, assessment and course evaluation. We also need to teach students how to study effectively by managing their time.

Community service is another duty of a teacher. I can teach workplace communication skills to company staff, train teachers and parents. In addition, as an English teacher, I can perform editing, revising, proofreading and correcting errors in documents at different institutions.