How can parents find out that the teacher does not teach well? / What are the signs of a poor teacher?


Here are 10 most alarming symptoms indicating that there is most probably a problem with the teacher: 
  1. The student constantly complains that the teacher frequently singles him or her out with off-putting remarks. 
  2. The teacher is the last one to appear in school in the morning and is the first to leave school in the afternoon. 
  3. The teacher does not respond to communication, i.e. does not return telephone calls and/or does not reply to e-mail messages.
  4. The student hardly ever brings assignments home from school. 
  5. Homework and classroom assignments are not returned to students. 
  6. The teacher does not send home regular reports to parents. 
  7. The teacher rejects any input from parents.
  8. The teacher demonstrates limited knowledge of the course he or she is teaching. 
  9. Classes are not organized and not planned properly. 
  10. The teacher always complains that 'the students are not good'.

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