ESL job interview question: What salary do you expect? Or: What salary are you worth?

In order to succeed at a job interview you need to prepare answers to the above questions in advance. You can conduct some online research and find out what other people in the position that you are applying for get paid. The secret of your success is to get the employer talking about what he/she is willing to pay before you reveal what you are willing to accept. You should never lie about your current salary but should feel free to include the estimated cost of all your fringes (which could tack on 30% more to your present salary). In any case, you should be able to sell yourself based on what you would bring to the school / college / university, if you are accepted.

Possible answers

1. I really need more information about the job before we start to discuss my salary. Would it be possible to postpone that discussion until later. Maybe, initially, you could tell me what is budgeted for the position and how your commission structure works.

2. While my highest career value is not money, it is important for me to be fairly compensated for the work I perform. I would be willing to listen to a fair offer based on what I bring to the position in the way of experience and education.

Other recommended answers:

1. I expect a good salary in your reputed institution (specify: school / university / company). I believe that there is a salary scale and salary payment policy in your institution that would be calculated, based on my teaching experience and qualifications. 

2. I am sure your school (university / company) has already established a salary range for this position. Could you tell me what that is?

3. I want an income commensurate with my experience and qualifications. I trust you will be fair with me. What does this position pay?

4. My current salary is (tell how much you are paid) and I would expect a similar (or: a little higher) salary in my new position / if I am accepted to work with you. What does this position pay?

5. I am sure whatever I am offered will be a fair price.

6. Money is important to me, but is not my main concern. Opportunity and growth are far more important. What I’d rather do, if you don’t mind, is explore if I’m right for the position, and then talk about money. Would that be okay?

7. My current employer asked me to keep the salary information confidential and not to share it with anyone.

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