Job interview question: What interests you about this job and what skills and strengths would you be able to bring to it?

Your potential employer wants to know how much interested you are in the position and how well prepared you are for the job interview. If you are a strong candidate, you should be able to relate your skills to specific job requirements. 


You should probably say the following:

(1) Explain why this job is so attractive to you
(2) Tell your basic skill or skills (choose at least the one that might be useful to the institution)
(3) Tell your three basic strengths (and explain why they would be useful to them if they employed you).

ESL job interview question: 
What are your weaknesses?

Job interview question: 
What color is your brain?

Job interview question: 
What is your English teaching philosophy?

Job interview question: 
What is the purpose for using KWL charts?

Job interview question: 
What are the duties and responsibilities of a teacher?

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