ESL job interview question: What are your weaknesses?

Recommended answer:

Give a 'positive’ weakness. The question does not require from you to tell a weakness that is related to the position you are applying for, therefore you can give a weakness which is not directly related to the position. To achieve more objectivity, speak about your weakness from another person’s perspective, e.g. your colleague, spouse or friend: my colleagues say that I am..., or my husband says that I am..., etc.

You can answer: ‘When I become very much focused on an important task I am very scrupulous about details. It takes some efforts and time from me to accomplish the task: I work overtime and sometimes miss appointments for dinners with my friends; my wife/husband argues that this is my worst weakness. Although I enjoy doing my job, others tell me that I am a perfectionist.’ 

Also, emphasize the steps and actions that you have taken to overcome your weakness: ’I have a diary in which I record my appointments; in addition, I ask my wife/husband to remind me about my weakness, whenever I am involved in my work’. 

Also, if you are a workaholic person, i.e. often spend long hours working till late at night - you can mention that being a workaholic person is your ‘weakness’ too, and your family members are not happy about it.

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