ESL job interview question: What do you know about plagiarism detectors? or When you teach writing, how do you know that your students do not plagiarize?

Recommended answer:

Plagiarism detectors are useful ESL teacher's tools. 

When they ask you the question about plagiarism detectors, they want to know how much you are competent in teaching writing and how much you practically know about plagiarism detection. They also want to know how well and how objectively you assess your students' essays, assignments, and research projects.

Here are a few good plagiarism detectors online that are used by many academics worldwide. Some of them are free; others charge small fees. Try them all and choose the one that you think is the best for you. Study its basic functions and prepare to speak about it at the job interview. 

Copyscape allows you to search for copies of your page on the web

Plagium is free to use. Plagium uses the Yahoo! search engine as its backend, therefore the results will differ from Copyscape or Google.

Type one or more phrases from different parts of the document into the search box and search.

It allows you to detect plagiarism within your essay or dissertation, and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

It is simple to use. Enter your text and press Search. 

Plagiarism Detection Software Turnitin is widely used in academia. It requires no installation. Turnitin compares over 9 billion web pages. 

Glatt Plagiarism Services, Inc. produce three different software Programs to help deter and detect plagiarism.

Detecting Image Misuse 

The best available free tool for detecting image misuse is the visual search engine Tineye. You either upload the image or give a URL for it, Tineye then scours its database looking for images that are either exact duplicates or very close.

Click the “image” tab at the top of the search area before entering your terms.

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