ESL job interview question: What do you like about the job of an ESL teacher?

Recommended answer

Tell about new challenge or the opportunity to bring fresh experience to the school and to share your experience with others, for example, 

‘I have a great passion for learning and learners, and I think that the best way to learn is by teaching. I belong to the category of those persons who are not satisfied until they have shared all that they have gained with their students. I believe that teaching is a continual bilateral process of learning and sharing, especially in an ESL classroom where I use a combination of communicative, content-based and kinesthetic method of teaching.’ 

You can also reflect on the following: 

‘An ESL teacher’s job is based on imagination and creativity. It is also related to a great variety of stimulating activities and unlike many other jobs, has no real monetary value. The profit is in my learners. In my opinion ESL teaching is a very satisfying job.’